Interview of Head of the Board of the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine Georgiy Geletukha in studio of ONLINE.UA on "How to establish cooperation between business, government, science in Ukraine". This is the first interview from a series of interviews with famous figures of science and business of the agroindustrial sector of Ukraine on the current state of the Ukrainian agri-food market and their vision of its possible development (in Ukrainian).

Ukraine has a considerable potential for introduction of energy efficient technologies, but the unresolved legal provisions is a significant obstacle for these innovations. More about the opportunities of bioenergy sector in Ukraine you can learn from the interview of the Chairman of the Supervisory board of the Public Union "Bioenergy Association of Ukraine" Volodymyr Maystryshyn to web-magazine "Business".

The problem for the introduction of a heating system that uses alternative sources in Ukraine has become a centralized heating system and method of tariff setting. Therefore, "Bioenergy Association of Ukraine" suggested introducing a competitive market in the sector of heat energy. Head of the Public Union "Bioenergy Association of Ukraine" Georgiy Geletukha told about the concept of the competitive heat market in an interview at the VIII International Investment Business Forum with the support of the State Agency for Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine.

Board Member of the "Bioenergy Association of Ukraine" Konstantin Bogatov in an interview to a web-magazine "Business" described real problems of alternative heat sector that currently do not allow Ukraine to implement its full potential of alternative fuel.

Today, despite many loud statements and public interest there is still a major problem in the difference between the declaration and the reality of what is happening in the sector of alternative heating.