June 18, 2013, Kiev, the training on "Practical aspects of the cultivation of energy willow plantations and heat and electricity generation from biomass" was carried out.

The training was organized by Bioenergy Association of Ukraine (UABio), LLC "Salix Energy", LLC “SEC “Biomass”, Fachagentur Nachwachsende Rohstoffe eV (FNR) (Germany).

The purpose of the training was to consider practical aspects of cultivation of energy willow plantations and heat and power production by CHP plants. It is the first, known to the organizers, practical training on bioenergy matters as opposed to numerous conferences and seminars.

In the training was attended by 35 experts from 10 cities of Ukraine.

Professional composition of the participants included representatives of industrial and communal companies, energy agencies, consulting, commercial and law firms, research institutes, and press.

The Training included a wide range of biomass to energy topics: Economic principals of biomass business; Comparison of energy crops; Energy willow as a source of biomass; Technology and equipment for production of pellets and briquettes from biomass; Technology, equipment and technical solutions for production of heat and power from biomass; Organization of production and marketing of heat and electric energy from biomass in Ukraine; Practical legal aspects of bioenergy projects implementation; Overall business economics "from cultivation of biomass to production of heat", State-of-the-art and prospects for bioenergy development in Ukraine and EU countries.

The training program included 9 presentations by leading experts of bioenergy sector in Ukraine. After each presentation training participants put questions to lecturers and detailed discussions on all the topics were conducted. Anonymous questioning aimed to assess the training quality showed that most participants rated the training as a whole as "good" or "excellent."

Final programme of the training.