Congratulations to PE "Briquetting technologies" (Berdychiv) on joining the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine!

PE "Briquetting technologies" was founded in 2002 and specializes in metal working. Since 2007, the enterprise has focused on the production of shock mechanical presses, drying equipment, grinding equipment. PE "Briquetting technologies" mission is to ensure the processing of waste wood processing enterprises, enterprises that process sunflower seeds, buckwheat, rice, elevator waste, as well as waste furniture factories (MDF, fiberboard) to produce high-margin products from waste. Task of the enterprise is the release of a competitive, reliable in operation, easy in-service and affordable equipment.

Company constantly works to improve the particular design, improved performance, durability of the equipment. 

PE "Briquetting technologies" has own production facilities with the total area of 2 300 sq. m and more than 40 types of own metal-working equipment, which enables the company to produce their own equipment.

The team of CU "Bioenergy Association of Ukraine" is grateful for the support! We are continuing to create a common platform for cooperation on bioenergy market of Ukraine, ensuring the most favorable business conditions for accelerated and sustainable bioenergy development.
We invite you to join UABio!