Bioenergy Association of Ukraine and renewable energy Ambassador Ruslana Lyzhychko signed a Memorandum on cooperation in RES promotion.

The objectives of the Memorandum on cooperation are:

  1. Promoting the transition of Ukraine's energy sector to renewable sources as a strategic component of energy security and state independence.
  2. Ukraine's integration into the world trend and international programs for the transition to renewable energy sources.
  3. Constructive interaction, cooperation and consultation with all governmental and non-governmental bodies and organizations that develop and work with renewable energy sources.
  4. Ensuring and monitoring the implementation of Ukraine's obligations under international agreements, incl. assistance in fulfilling the commitments to achieve the indicative goal of renewable energy development in Ukraine within the framework of membership of the Energy Community.
  5. Collecting, analysis and dissemination of information on the financial attractiveness of the renewable energy sector, the efficiency of such technologies, experience and examples of developed countries.
  6. Promotion investment attractiveness and increase the number of investment opportunities in the renewable energy sector.
Full text of the Memorandum on cooperation in RES promotion between UABio and renewable energy Ambassador (in Ukrainian).