Bioenergy Association of Ukraine appealed to the Head of the State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine Serhii Savchuk on stimulation of energy crops cultivation in Ukraine and sent results of calculations of the required compensation per hectare for such energy crops as poplar, willow and Miscanthus.

According to the calculations of UABio experts, a one-time subsidy per hectare for the cultivation of energy crops can be 20,000 UAH for poplar, 21,000 UAH for willow and 24,000 UAH for Miscanthus. The necessary amount of compensation was calculated on the basis of the need to receive in such investment projects IRR ≥ 20% with 60% of the loan in euros for 8 years at 8% per annum.

Read the UABio Letter on necessary subsidy for support of energy crops cultivation in Ukraine (in Ukrainian)