Лист БАУ до FSC в Україні щодо лісосічних відходівBioenergy Association of Ukraine appealed to the Director of the National Forest Steward Council (FSC) office in Ukraine Pavel Kravets with a letter concerning irrational use in existing Ukrainian practice of logging residues, namely incineration for cleaning of cutting areas, which creates a negative impact on the environment. Although from the point of view of rational nature management, this wood biomass can be considered as secondary resources for various branches of the economy, in particular, for bioenergy.

Given the environmental principles in forest management promoted by the Forest Steward Council (FSC), UABio proposed to consider the possibility of introducing into the FSC certification system in Ukraine a criterion (indicator) that takes into account the share of use of logging residues as secondary raw materials.

UABio letter to the National Forest Steward Council (FSC) office in Ukraine Pavlo Kravets (in Ukrainian)