MetropoliyaICS ENERGIETECHNIK GmbH became a Gold Sponsor of the International Conference "BIOMASS FOR ENERGY 2017", 19-20 September in Kyiv.

ICS ENERGIETECHNIK GmbH is placed in Kumberg/AUSTRIA and working already 30 years in the biomass energy market. The large experience in the engineering, construction and operation of biomass energy plants, allows to offer a wide range of different products and applications.

The company designs and delivers biomass heat and power generation systems in the power range from 0,5 to 25,0 MWth and 0,2 to 5,0 MWel. As fuel can be used wooden biomass like wood chips, bark and recycling wood as well as agricultural biomass like straw, corn cops or sunflower husks. The clients are mainly industrial heat consumers, district heating applications and industrial/agricultural drying plants. All plants are produced in high industrial quality for the different needs of the customers and their special technical requirements. Until today, there we successfully designed and installed more than 80 biomass energy projects all over Europe. In the year 2016, ICS has signed a contract for a biomass CHP plant with 2,2 MWel in Lviv/UKRAINE, which will go into operation until the end of the year 2017.

More information about ICS ENERGIETECHNIK GmbH you can read on the website