enerstena ukraine logo 420x174"ENERSTENA UKRAINE" LLC became a Silver Sponsor of the International Conference "BIOMASS FOR ENERGY 2017", 19-20 September in Kyiv. "ENERSTENA Ukraine" LLC has joined the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine in 2017.

"ENERSTENA Ukraine" was founded in 2015 and is a subsidiary of the Lithuanian Group of Companies "ENERSTENA" - one of the largest energy companies in Baltics energy sector, well known for its biomass heating technologies. "ENERSTENA" has own technology, centre of science and research and since 2002 designs and manufactures boiler plants and furnaces with a capacity of up to 20 MW, as well as other technological equipment.

In Ukraine company installed the first in Ukraine economizer after a biofuel boiler.

More information about the "ENERSTENA" read in their brochure and on the website.