nkrekp Bioenergy Association of Ukraine (UABio) prepared comments and suggestions to NKREKP Draft Resolution "On Approval of tariffs for heat energy formation procedure, produced using non-traditional or renewable energy sources", which was posted on the website NKREKP on September, 7, 2016.

According to UABio experts, the proposed version of NKREKP Draft Resolution provides discriminatory approaches to heat energy producers from non-traditional or renewable energy sources (RES), putting them in unequal conditions compared to other manufacturers.

In order to eliminate obstacles for heat generation from non-traditional or renewable energy sources development in Ukraine in terms of reasonable tariffs setting, common approaches formation and eligible costs definition, transparency and non-discrimination ensuring, it is necessary to hold a juridical analysis of Draft Resolution, taking into account comments and proposals of UABio experts, provided on 15 pages in Appendix 1.

Letter to the Head of NKREKP Vovk, D.