UABio member company "Salix Energy", which is the largest owner of energy plantations in the eastern Europe, invites You to participate in educational practical workshop "Energy Field day" on 24th May 2016 in Lutsk city.

Workshop consists of 2 parts: teoretical, in the form of business leaders reports and practical, in the form of visiting the existing facilities (plantation with technology demonstration and operating boiler-houses.

During the workshop participants will have an opportunity to perform the following:

  1. Obtain a comprehensive idea of willow business and its pitfalls.
  2. Assess and learn from the experience of replacing gas boilers with boilers on alternative fuel.
  3. Obtain first-hand accurate information about the economy of business of growing and combustion of biofuels on the example of energy willow.
  4. Visit the company's energy plantations "Salix Energy" and see all the basic special equipment and mechanisms, inter alia for the event a demonstration of the harvester to collect chips will be held.
  5. Visit boiler-houses and obtain professional comments on the features of boiler equipment run on alternative fuels.

Please confirm your participation via telephone 097-405-23-81, 044-278-31-44 or

e-mail: Anna Petrik

Additional information may be retrieved via link:

Detailed information: in invitation letter from Irina Gnap - director of SALIX Energy Agro-Energy Company.