Ukrainian heat generating company "Ukrteplo" joined Bioenergy Association of Ukraine.

"Ukrteplo" - one of energy-saving technologies leaders on Ukrainian market. Company specialization - projects on traditional energy sources replacement (gas, oil) with local biofuels (pellets, briquettes, straw etc.). For this purpose gas boilers being refurbished or the new ones being built with further supplement by their own solid fuel boilers and fuel.

"Ukrteplo" implements complete production cycle, which is unique for Ukrainian market. It allows on each stage - from energy crops cultivation to gas boilers service - manage with own resources.

Production cycle includes:

  • Energy crops cultivation on own areas: more than 17 thous. ha in Kiev Region are planted with energy willow, as an alternative raw material for solid biofuel. It's Europe's largest energy willow plantation. Own raw materials base allows being independent from external fuel suppliers. Furthermore, such landings allows Ukrainian forests saving.
  • Own pellets production, other renewable types of fuel preparation. Group structure includes plant on wooden pellets production in Chernigiv Region.
  • Own equipment production for boilers. Solid fuel boilers are manufactured on two plants: plant "СЕТ" (Rivne city) and plant "Greenberner" (Brovary city, Kiev Region).
  • Own logistics. "Ukrteplo" operates own fleet for raw materials delivery to boilers.

More information about company and services available on website of "Ukrteplo".