Expert of the Bioenergy association of Ukraine Yuri Matveev in his article "The Real Alternative" (in Ukrainian) for AgroMarket magazine investigates a possible alternative to corn and grain export from Ukraine. Despite the fact that grain exports each year increases, there is a steady decline in revenue from their sales abroad due to falling of market prices. Moreover, the pursuit of profit annually increases the areas of plowed lands in Ukraine, which in turn negatively affects the soil.

So, it's time to farmers, without losing profit, start the best use of the land, not only for food cultivation but also for energy. It turns out that the income from the sale of electricity from biogas roughly corresponds to the best figures for the export of corn and substantially higher than figures for wheat exports.

On the experience of Germany and the potential of Ukraine for the production of biogas from maize silage, as well as on the economy, environment and sustainable development of this pathway, read the full text of the article "The Real Alternative" at web-portal AgroTimes.