We congratulate the members of the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine – the Group of Companies Ukrteplo with the opening of a biogas station in Mariupol city.

The capacity of the biogas plant is 1.2 MW and the investment in the project is over 2 million EUR.

This is a classic win-win story. Everyone wins.

  • The city will receive additional revenues to the budget (10% of the station's profit) and will solve the problem of degassing the local solid waste landfill. The landfill will reduce the risk of fires, which will improve the environmental situation in the city. And this is a plus for all residents of Mariupol city.
  • The state will get new jobs and taxes.
  • The investor will receive a stable profit.

Ivan Nadein, founder of the Group of Companies Ukrteplo:

"Ukraine suffers from waste. We are among the ten most clogged countries in the world. Each Ukrainian accounts for more than 8.5 tonnes of waste each year, of which only 3% is recovered. In Europe, this problem is solving. One method is to generate electricity from solid waste. It's a classic win-win situation, where the investor invests and benefits are both for the enterprise, the local community and the whole country".

This is the second biogas station of the Group of Companies Ukrteplo. The first has been successfully operating in Rivne since 2017 at a local landfill. The Rivne biogas plant produces 3-4 million cubic meters of biogas every year, from which it produces over 4 million kWh of electricity.

Video: https://bit.ly/36xwXvb (in Ukrainian)

The publication was prepared by materials Ivan Nadein and Група компаній "Укртепло".