On August 20, representatives of the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine visited the Boiarka Forest Research Station of NUBiP of Ukraine in Boiarka and learned that:

  • Main felling is performed for pine trees at the age of 101 years (in the experimental station’ area);
  • The natural conditions (humidity and soil) in the Kyiv region are more favorable for pine cultivation than for deciduous trees;
  • Currently, the procedure of selective cutting from the moment of drying fixation (for example due to forest pests such as bark beetle) to the direct felling of a diseased tree takes up to 2 months;
  • If sanitary felling must be fulfilled for areas > 1 hectare, you need to undergo the process of EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment), which can last 6-8 months;
  • Since January 1, 2019, electronic records of the logging has been introduced in Ukraine for state forestry (73% of Ukrainian forests). This means that every tree that is exported from the forest must have a tag (see photo below) with a number by which information on the owner, variety, breed, length, volume and diameter of the tree can be viewed on the website of SE "LIAC".

During the meeting, we visited:

  • Demonstration plots in the forest, where significant amounts of brushwood are accumulated;

  • A forest fire station with online cameras that can be used for quick monitoring of the fire and the extinguishing machines;

  • Research laboratory of plant biotechnology, where several types of energy crops (poplar and willow) are grown in vitro;

  • Boiarskyi timber processing complex, with different types of wood waste from wood processing.

For reference. Boiarka Forest Research Station of NUBiP of Ukraine was established in 1925. Forests of the Boiarka Forest Research Station are located in the central part of the Kiev region on the territory of 15 village councils, Boiarka city council, within the Kiev-Sviatoshyn, Makariv, Vasylkivskyi administrative districts and the Holosiivskyi district of Kyiv.

We are very grateful to the Boiarka Forest Research Station of NUBiP for an informative meeting.