The Bioenergy Association of Ukraine has become one of the 15 profile associations of Ukraine in the field of energy, metallurgy, agro-sector, water management, etc., which signed the Memorandum on cooperation in the field of ecology. The signing took place on July 12, 2019, during the briefing "Environmental manipulations: the price for Ukraine", conducted at the initiative of the Professional Association of Environmentalists of Ukraine.

Environmental manipulations for political or commercial purposes have recently become a dangerous trend in the world, which, unfortunately, has spread to Ukraine as well. This prompts the Ukrainian business to join efforts to counteract such phenomena, when certain politicians or business rivals, through established pseudo-environmental organizations, call for the closure of some or other promising projects and important enterprises, distribute unverified, and sometimes frankly fake information and play the mood of society.

During the briefing, there were many vivid examples of such manipulations that were recorded in Ukraine, and outlined the tasks for their prevention. The danger of using an environmental theme for political purposes is that the real environmental problems that need to be addressed at the state level are silenced.

At the briefing was signed a Memorandum on cooperation between the heads of profile associations to jointly combat environmental manipulation, which lead to the closure or refusal to launch strategically important projects for the economy of Ukraine and block the flow of foreign investment in the country.

As of July 12, the Memorandum was signed by State Enterprise "Professional Association of Ecologists of Ukraine", Civic union "Association of Enterprises in the Field of Hazardous Waste Management", Civic union "Ukrainian Wind Energy Association", Association "Solar Energy Association of Ukraine", Association Ukrainian Cement Manufacturers "Ukrcement", All-Ukrainian Association of Regional Employers, Organizations of the Metallurgical Complex "Federation of Metallurgists of Ukraine", Association of Enterprises "Ukrmetallurgprom", All-Ukrainian public Association "Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation", NGO "Center for Energy Security of Ukraine", Association "Ukrainian Swineyard", Association "Poultry Farmers Union of Ukraine", Association of Western Ukrainian developers, Civic union "Energy Association "Ukrainian Hydrogen Council", NGO "Institute for Sustainable Development", International Chamber of Commerce, Ukrainian Association of Plumbing and Sewerage Enterprises "Ukrvodokanaelkologiya".

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