UABio experts Tetiana Zheliezna and Semeon Drahniev took part in the second project meeting of the AgroBioHeat project took place in Zagreb (Croatia) 3-5 July, 2019. The results of the project tasks for the first 6 months were presented and the plans for the second half of the year were discussed at the meeting. In particular, the planned steps to attract different stakeholders to the project to use of agrobiomass for heating systems in countries such as Croatia, Romania, France, Ukraine, Spain, and Greece were considered. Representatives of the Danish center Agro Business Park (ABP) talked about Denmark's experience in using straw for energy purposes. About 25% of the total amount of straw in this country (1.5 million tons/year) is used exactly in the energy sector.

The third day of the meeting of the consortium of the project was devoted to the technical excursion. The first object of the excursion was in the town of Križevci, where, owing to the co-financing of local residents (crowdfunding) by the Green Energy Cooperative (ZEZ), a solar panel project was implemented in a municipal building with an office of an industrial park in 2018. The produced "green" electricity is consumed by the office for its own needs. The project investors will return funds in a 10 years period and earn a profit that exceeds the existing rate on bank deposits, and the solar panels will become the property of the municipality. The second object of excursion was the Senko enterprise for the production of modern domestic boilers and stoves on pellets and briquettes from biomass, as well as firewood. The motto of the manufacturer is "quality without compromises." The company has already tested the improved models of boilers for burning of agrobiomass. They are ready for batch production.

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