On April 23, 2019 seminar "Tax and Customs Issues for the Implementation of Renewable Energy Projects" was held in Kyiv. The seminar was organized by Sayenko Kharenko Law Company. The partners of the event were the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine and Ukrainian Wind Energy Association.

The event was attended by about 50 participants, including representatives of profile associations, equipment suppliers for renewable energy (RE) projects, representatives of energy companies and the State fiscal service of Ukraine. The issues of customs clearance of equipment during the implementation of RE projects, features of product classification, financing of RES projects and taxation of interest payments, as well as the issue of VAT refunds were considered.

The speakers were:

- Maryna Hritsyshyna, Advisor to the Law Firm Sayenko Kharenko, member of the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine;
- Svetlana Musienko, Partner and Head of Tax Practice of the Law Firms Sayenko Kharenko;
- Vitaliy Odjikovsky, Advisor to the Legal Firms Sayenko Kharenko;
- Yulia Kravchenko, Head of Tax Advice, DTEK;
- Viktor Nikolov, Head of DTEK's Financial Reporting and Tax Administration, Wind Power;
- Olga Nikolayenko, customs consultant;
- Victor Girak, Head of Division for Methodological Support of Classification Work of the Department of Goods Classification, Department of Administration of Customs Payments and Customs and Tariff Regulation of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine, and others.

Svetlana Musienko, partner of the Law Firm Sayenko Kharenko, began the first session on the peculiarities of tax structuring of ERS contracts. Following on from this topic, Julia Kravchenko, head of tax advisory DTEK, and Viktor Nikolov, Head of the DTEK's Financial Reporting and Tax Administration, Wind Power, have shared their experience in financing RE projects, in particular, on choosing a country to receive funding and on tax payment risks for repatriation.

The second session was devoted to customs issues. This session was started by Maryna Hritsyshyna, Advisor to the Law Firm Sayenko Kharenko, with a general overview of the preconditions for exemption from import VAT payment for equipment for RES projects.

Next, Olga Nikolayenko, customs consultant, talked about the peculiarities of supply of bioenergy equipment, in particular, equipment for the construction of a complex for the processing of organic waste, biogas, followed by the acquisition of electric and thermal energy, as well as the practical aspects of customs clearance. After that Victor Girak, the head of the department of methodological support of the classification work of the DFS of Ukraine, told the participants of the event about the classification of goods for RE projects. The second session was completed by Vitaliy Odjikovsky, Advisor to the Legal Company Sayenko Kharenko, with a report on the peculiarities of VAT refund and payment of land tax.

For information: Maryna Hritsyshyna in 2019 joined the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine. Read more here.