Congratulations to PJSC "MHP Eko Energy" on joining the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine!

MHP Eko Energy Company started its activity in 2012. The main activity is implementation and management of energy projects.

Implemented projects:

  • Biogas complex of 5,5 MW capacity of PJSC "Oril-Leader" - 10 anaerobic digesters for biogas production and 5 cogeneration units for electricity production.
  • Biogas complex of capacity 12 MW, ME Biogas Ladyzhyn «Vinnytska poultry farm» - 12 anaerobic digesters for biogas production, gas transport system, 6 cogeneration units (stage of commissioning).
  • Roof solar power plant of 4.5 MW capacity (at the implementation stage).

Since 2018, the company is an operator for the sale of electricity, has received a license to sell electricity and is a member of the Ukrainian electricity market.

Results of 2018:

  • more than 100 thousand tons of organic waste (chicken mannure, sludge, etc.) utilized;
  • 45 million kWh of ''green" electricity generated;
  • 1,12 milliom cub. m of natural gas substituted due to use of ecological energy;
  • 30 thousand tons of organic fertilizer produced.

Director of the Company - Ivan Traksler

The team of CU "Bioenergy Association of Ukraine" is grateful for the support! We continue to create a common platform for cooperation on bioenergy market of Ukraine, ensuring the most favorable business conditions for accelerated and sustainable bioenergy development. We invite you to join UABio!