Proceedings of the international conference "Biomass for energy 2018" are now posted on the conference website, in the section – Archive.

Among the presentations, you will be able to find answers to questions related to:

  • legislative support of Bioenergy Development in Ukraine (Green Tariffs, Biofuel E-Commerce System);
  • use of MSW for heat and power production;
  • strategy and policy issues on bioenergy use in Ukraine and in the world;
  • biomass resources and pre-treatment;
  • research and development of bioenergy technologies;
  • demonstration and commercial biomass projects;
  • issues of legislation, development strategies, and bioenergy projects financing;
  • thermal and electric energy production from the solid biomass;
  • economic and environmental aspects of the development of biomass energy production technologies;
  • production and use of biogas.

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