On August 14-17, 2018, stock trading on Between August 14-17, 2018, stock trading on biofuels took place at the Agrarian Stock Exchange.

Read the full interview from Alexander Mariuchnich, director of the Agrarian Stock Exchange, about:
- What are the bidding principles of the Agrarian Exchange in the biomass market?
- Who were the bidders and how they were involved? What were the obstacles?
- What types of biofuels were traded through an electronic platform?
- How were tradings going on?
- How did the auction end? What were the volumes and prices?
- According to the results, what needs to be upgraded in the system, how to refine it?

in the weekly Digest of News "Energo Dzherela" № 20, 2018, under the links below:

Interview from Alexander Mariuchnich - director of the Agrarian Stock Exchange, about first test electronic biofuel trading. Weekly news digest "Energo Dzherela" № 20, 03-09 September 2018 (p. 31-32) (in Ukrainian)

UABio view on creation of the system of electronic trade in biofuels in Ukraine You can find in these articles: http://uabio.org/en/activity/uabio-articles/3610-balans-energetyky-ukr-june-2018