Croatian company ĐĐ TEP Ltd. has become a Silver Sponsor of the International Conference "Biomass for Energy 2019", that will take place on 24-25 September in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Đuro Đaković Termoenergetska postrojenja d.o.o. (ĐĐ TEP Ltd.) from Croatia is a company with 90-year tradition in the production of boiler plants for all kinds of fuels according to the most demanding parameters.

ĐĐ TEP is nowadays European leader in the production of pressure parts and boiler accessories according to its own or customer’s documentation. This company is also a regional leader in design and manufacture of boiler facilities, energy islands and power stations burning wood biomass, industrial boiler plants burning gas and oil as well as boiler plants using heat recovery steam generators (HRSG-s) producing steam that can be used to drive small or middle size gas turbines in industrial processes.

ĐĐ TEP manufactures and delivers complete power stations for production of electric and heat energy in the segment of renewable energy sources out of biomass (cogeneration), with the power larger than 2 MW on the “turn-key” basis.

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