On October 18, 2018, Bioenergy Association of Ukraine participated in the meeting of the Committee of energy efficiency entrepreneurs at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine. The chairman of the UABio, Geletukha Georgiy, delivered a presentation "How to save and develop district heating in Ukraine" (based on the interim report of the Municipal Energy Reform Project, USAID).

The report outlines main problems that exist today in the district heating (DH) of Ukraine. In particular, the reduction of the share of the DH, the critical state of heating networks, the deterioration of the economic situation of DH enterprises. The speaker drew attention to main causes of the degradation of DH systems in Ukraine, advantages and disadvantages of the DH and individual heat supply systems, problems of the DH planning at state and local levels and proposed ways to overcome the problems.

An active discussions revolved around the existing problems of the DH of Ukraine as a result of which it was proposed to address a letter to the Prime Minister of Ukraine and other state authorities asking to take into account the proposals of the Committee for the protection of the DH in Ukraine.

Full text of the presentation "How to save and develop district heating in Ukraine" (in Ukranian)

On the 27th of September Bioenergy Association of Ukraine co-organized a Workshop “Agricultural residues for bioenergy. Problems and solutions” along with Partners for International Business project: Biobased Energy Ukraine, the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Ukraine, State Agency for Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine (SAEE).

The workshop brought together about 80 participants, including representatives of agricultural companies, academic institutions, municipalities, governments, financial institutions, consulting organizations, businesses, media and was dedicated to the use of crop residues for bioenergy without harming the soil.

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More than 210 participants have joined the International Conference "Biomass for Energy 2018" – a professional event in the field of bioenergy in Ukraine with a wide representation of politicians, public, business and science authorities.

This year the conference had a record number of participants: 214! Of these, 26 are from abroad (Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Slovenia, Austria, Italy, Belgium, Russia, USA, Finland, France, Czech Republic, Japan). Among the professional participants, there were representatives of political circles and state authorities, consulting and commercial firms, industrial enterprises, agricultural holdings, professional associations, research and educational establishments, public organizations etc.

Organizers of the Conference: Bioenergy Association of Ukraine; State Agency for Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine; Renewable Energy Agency; Institute of Engineering Thermophysics; the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine; Scientific Engineering Centre “Biomass”.

Conference Program included:
• Discussion with representatives of the government and business on the subject: «Вдосконалення законодавчої підтримки розвитку біоенергетики в Україні (зелені тарифи на електроенергію, система електронної торгівлі біопаливом»;
• Plenary and oral reports on the following sections: Strategy and policy issues, Electricity generation and heat production from solid biomass, Use of MSW for heat and power production, Biomass resources and pre-treatment, Biogas;
• Awarding winners of Bioenergy Award "Golden Miskanthus 2018".

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On September 26, 2018, in Kyiv, within the framework of UNDP Project "Development and Commercialization of Bioenergy Technologies in the Municipal Sector in Ukraine" there have been held a seminar for the municipalities that applied for heat supply projects competition.

As of September 26, 45 applications from 18 cities, 9 villages, 5 towns were submitted for consideration in the UNDP project. In total from 19 regions out of 24 in Ukraine, among them:

  • 3 CHPs with total electric capacity of 20.6 MWe + 59.5 MW heat;
  • 38 boiler houses for heating residential and public (schools, kindergartens, hospitals) houses with a total heat output of 46 MW.

The UNDP project plans to provide technical assistance to selected municipal projects from October 1, 2018, until May 31, 2019, by:

  • financing of feasibility studies development;
  • financing of the development of technical projects;
  • Assistance in obtaining loans and other financings.

You can download the presentations via the link below (in Ukrainian):

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On September 25, 2018, in Kyiv, in the framework of the International Conference "Biomass for Energy 2018"  the presentation of the professional bioenergy award "Golden Miscanthus 2018" winners was held.

In Capacity Building nomination won UNDP Project "Development and Commercialization of Bioenergy Technologies in the Municipal Sector in Ukraine".

UNDP Project – Joint project of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the Global Environment Facility (GEF) in 2014-2019. The project’s goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Ukraine by creating favorable legal, regulatory and market environment and building institutional, administrative and technical capacities to promote the utilization of the country’s extensive agricultural biomass potential for municipal heat and hot water services.

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Traditionally, Georgii Geletukha's presentation "Current State and Prospects of Bioenergy Development in Ukraine" is a snapshot of the bioenergy sector situation in Ukraine: current state, problems and proposals. The presentation addresses the issues: 
- Trends of bioenergy development in Ukraine 
 - Forecast of total amount of consumption, structure of solid biofuels, Renewable Heat Production and RES share in heat production in Ukraine
 - Potential of biomass available for energy in Ukraine
 - Main drivers and barriers for bioenergy development
 - Solid biofuels electronic trading system establishment in Ukraine
 - Insufficient stimulation of electricity production from biomass and biogas
 - Comparison of feed-in tariffs on electricity from biomass and biogas in EU countries and Ukraine
 - What do the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine offers? 

Find out more about Conference here: www.uabioconf.org/en

You can download the presentation via the link below:

Current State and Prospects of Bioenergy Development in Ukraine. Georgii Geletukha – Head of the Board of Bioenergy Association of Ukraine. International Conference "Biomass for energy 2018", September 25, 2018.

Between August 14-17, 2018, stock trading on biofuels took place at the Agrarian Stock Exchange. Interview from Alexander Mariuchnich - director of the Agrarian Stock Exchange, about first test electronic biofuel trading (in Ukrainian) You can view here.

Chairman of the Board of the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine – Georgii Geletukha for Weekly news digest "Energo Dzherela":

"The Bioenergy Association of Ukraine welcomes the opening of a new exchange section Biomass  within the framework of the Agrarian Stock Exchange. We see in it the market mechanism by which the real cost of biofuels will be established, the issues of guaranteeing the supply of biofuels by counteragents of the stock exchange will be resolved; in the future, a biofuel classifier and a system for ensuring and checking its quality will be launched. It also provides a civilized mechanism for resolving possible disputes. Members of the Association took an active part in the test bids and are signatories of the first contracts.

In addition, it is important to mention that the Association, in conjunction with the State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine (SAEE) and with the support of the USAID Municipal Energy Reform project, prepared a bill on the creation of an electronic trading system for biofuels in Ukraine. We hope to see it registered on the website of the Verkhovna Rada already in September 2018. We believe that the beginning of trades on the Agrarian Stock Exchange and the bill on the electronic trading system of biofuels are the links of one chain leading to a civilized and transparent trade in biofuels in Ukraine.

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