On April 23, the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine took part in a seminar on financial and organizational issues within the Seminar in the framework of the project "Improving the efficiency of district heating systems in Central and Eastern Europe" in Kyiv, Ukraine. The seminar on organizational and managerial issues attracted about 20 representatives of state institutions, associations and local self-government bodies.

Georgii Geletukha, Chairman of the Board of the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine presented the vision of the association: "How to maintain and develop district heating in Ukraine?" and "The Draft Law on the Implementation of Competition in the District Heating System of Ukraine", noting that:

"If negative trends in the DH sector of Ukraine continue in the future, we will be completely left without DH systems, and at the same time without heat supply facilities at competitive prices and in an environmentally safe way!" ... "We see the only strategic way for saving DH systems - they have to generate heat significantly (by 20-40%) cheaper than individual heat supply systems on gas!"

In the presentation of Georgii Geletukha (see below), the issues discussed are:

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The Private Financing Advisory Network (PFAN) is a global network of climate and clean energy financing experts, that aims to bridge the gap between entrepreneurs developing climate and clean energy projects and private sector investors.

PFAN achieves this by:

  • providing free business coaching to projects,
  • increasing the chances of attracting investment; and
    growing its investor outreach.

PFAN hosting structure:

  • United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) www.unido.org 
  • Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP) www.reeep.org

PFAN goals are to build clean energy markets one business at a time, mitigate climate change and mobilise private investment in support of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Main services PFAN can offer for project developers:

  • Investment readiness assessment
  • Development and optimization of business model and financing structure
  • Assistance in preparation and final improvement of project documents (business plan, financial model, feasibility study, etc.).
  • Identification of potential investors and financiers
  • Introduction to investors at support of PFAN investment facilitation team
  • Investment facilitation: structuring and negotiating contracts with investors to receive funding.
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Congratulations to PJSC "MHP Eko Energy" on joining the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine!

MHP Eko Energy Company started its activity in 2012. The main activity is implementation and management of energy projects.

Implemented projects:

  • Biogas complex of 5,5 MW capacity of PJSC "Oril-Leader" - 10 anaerobic digesters for biogas production and 5 cogeneration units for electricity production.
  • Biogas complex of capacity 12 MW, ME Biogas Ladyzhyn «Vinnytska poultry farm» - 12 anaerobic digesters for biogas production, gas transport system, 6 cogeneration units (stage of commissioning).
  • Roof solar power plant of 4.5 MW capacity (at the implementation stage).

Since 2018, the company is an operator for the sale of electricity, has received a license to sell electricity and is a member of the Ukrainian electricity market.

Results of 2018:

  • more than 100 thousand tons of organic waste (chicken mannure, sludge, etc.) utilized;
  • 45 million kWh of ''green" electricity generated;
  • 1,12 milliom cub. m of natural gas substituted due to use of ecological energy;
  • 30 thousand tons of organic fertilizer produced.

Director of the Company - Ivan Traksler

The team of CU "Bioenergy Association of Ukraine" is grateful for the support! We continue to create a common platform for cooperation on bioenergy market of Ukraine, ensuring the most favorable business conditions for accelerated and sustainable bioenergy development. We invite you to join UABio!

We are pleased to announce that a new member of UABio has joined us - Eduard Kharchyna!

Eduard Kharchyna - lawyer, tax consultant. He has more than 15 years of experience in corporate and tax law. Eduard specializes in supporting M&A, analyzing and managing risks in projects, protecting assets and business, managing corporate conflicts, tax structuring and optimization, implementing reorganizations, and representing shareholders in Supervisory boards.

Eduard is one of the co-founders of the Professional Association of Corporate Governance, which has been operating since 2009 and is the leading expert community in the field of corporate governance in Ukraine.

Today, Eduard accompanies a number of projects in the field of renewable energy, in particular the construction of a photovoltaic power plant.

The team of CU "Bioenergy Association of Ukraine" is grateful for the support! We continue to create a common platform for cooperation on bioenergy market of Ukraine, ensuring the most favorable business conditions for accelerated and sustainable bioenergy development. We invite you to join UABio!

ІBioenergy Association of Ukraine joined European Biogas Association.

Founded in February 2009, EBA is the leading European association in the field of biogas and biomethane production covering the anaerobic digestion and gasification industries. Committed to the active promotion of the deployment of sustainable biogas and biomethane production and use throughout Europe, EBA has created a wide network of established national organizations, scientific institutes, and companies. In 2018, the association counted more than 90 members from all over Europe and has established co-operation with biogas associations from outside Europe.

EBA’s strategy is based on reaching the full potential of biogas and biomethane production, that equals roughly 10% of EU’s current natural gas consumption. Furthermore, EBA’s work evolves around the major contributions of biogas and biomethane to the key EU policies such as climate targets, energy security, resource efficiency and circular economy ,and various environmental legislation including air quality, prevention of contamination, bioeconomy and waste management. Read more about our mission and vision.

EBA is member of the European Renewable Energy Federation (EREF), the European Forum for Renewable Energy Sources (EUFORES).

Also, in 2018, UABio member, "Aссord Ltd" joined the European Biogas Association. Details here.

European Biogas Association (EBA) Website 

As a Bioenergy Association, we are pleased to see the emergence of new relationships between bioenergy companies, associations and other sector players, and we believe that each new interaction brings us closer to the sustainable green future in Ukraine and in the world.

We are pleased to announce the return to the UABio community – physical person: Maksym Sysoiev.

Maksym Sysoiev is a counsel at Dentons’ Kyiv office. He is a member of Dentons’ Global Energy Group. Maksym regularly advises foreign and local companies with respect to various legal issues and advises clients on their local and cross-border transactions and represents their interests before Ukrainian State authorities.

He is a recognized legal expect in the sphere of energy and possess a considerable experience in advising regarding conventional and renewable energy sources.

Maksym is a legal expert of Bioenergy Association of Ukraine, Ukrainian Wind Energy Association. He actively participates on behalf of the Firm in many public organizations, including the European Business Association and American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine.

The team of CU "Bioenergy Association of Ukraine" is grateful for the support! We continue to create a common platform for cooperation on bioenergy market of Ukraine, ensuring the most favorable business conditions for accelerated and sustainable bioenergy development. We invite you to join UABio!

«Ecodevelop» (UABio member) received official accreditation of «Ukrgasbank» as an Eco-partner and General Contractor.

«Ecodevelop» became the first company in Ukraine, which received the status of General contractor for construction of biogas stations.

At the end of last year, «Ukrgasbank» began to develop a new direction - a public accreditation procedure for EPC-contractors. The main task is to minimize the possible risks of failure to perform by contractors and form a public register of professionals of the Ukrainian market. Thanks to its expertise and experience, the bank began to carry out a detailed analysis of the activities of EPC-contractors and form a pool of professional companies that investors can trust.

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Today, in April 12, the UABio Facebook page has received 5000 likes.

We are grateful to everyone who follows our page and distributes information about bioenergy in Ukraine! Thank you, you are incredible! To be continued :)

Full Report on results of UABio activities in 2018 You can view here.
Video about Bioenergy association of Ukraine (UABio) activity You can view here (in English) or here (in Ukrainian).

The team of CU "Bioenergy Association of Ukraine" is grateful for the support! We are continuing to create a common platform for cooperation on bioenergy market of Ukraine, ensuring the most favorable business conditions for accelerated and sustainable bioenergy development.
We invite you to join UABio!

On April 11, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) held the 4th Seminar of Sustainable Agribusiness Forum (SAF Ukraine) for business leaders in the agricultural sector devoted to biogas technologies.

The main idea of the workshop was to identify the factors that contribute to obtaining the most effective performance indicators for biogas plants.

The 4th Seminar of SAF Ukraine has been opened by Gianpiero Nacci, Associate Director of the EBRD’s Department for Energy Efficiency and Climate Change and Sergiy Maslichenko, Associate Director, Coordinator of the EBRD’s Department for Energy Efficiency and Climate Change.

Sergiy Maslichenko noted in his speech that the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) in 2018 launched the Partnership for Sustainable Agribusiness (SAF Ukraine). The idea of creating such a partnership was to systematically approach and work in the field of agricultural waste utilization in the agroindustrial complex.

The Bank actively sponsors biomass and biogas projects in the agroindustrial complex and has already supported 12 projects in this sector. As a next step, the EBRD considers it necessary to unite all players on the supply and demand side, that is raw materials (agricultural wastes) suppliers and consumers, to facilitate the creation of a market for agricultural wastes and to establish a system of logistic chains supplying raw materials from the field to the station, which should begin to work and develop on market principles.

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Head of the Board of Bioenergy Association of Ukraine Georgiy Geletukha presented the results of a study of biomass potential in Vinnitsa oblast at the Workshop on formulating bankable bioenergy projects, April 8, 2019 in Vinnytsia.

According to the study, the full use of technically achievable biomass potential of the Vinnitsa region (more than 1 million tons of coal equivalent per year, 2017) can substitute about 37% of the annual consumption of fossil fuels or the entire volume of annual consumption of natural gas.

The results of the feasibility study of options for the use of biomass / biofuels (boiler house, baling, chips, firewood, pellets, briquettes, straw, wood, energy crops) in most cases demonstrate the economic viability of projects.

The development of energy production from biomass will have a positive impact on the environmental situation of Vinnitsa oblast by reducing the consumption of such fossil fuels as coal and natural gas, whose share in the structure of fuel consumption is now 56% and 35%, respectively.

As part of the study, an online map was developed using GIS technologies as a tool for detailed analysis of local conditions, when planning bioenergy projects. The map contains generalized information about the region and can be further elaborated and detailed by the OTG or by interested private enterprises for their own needs, since it is open and publicly available.

Study of biomass potential in Vinnitsa oblast - Georgiy Geletukha, Head of the Board of UABio (in Ukrainian)