Large agricultural potential of Ukraine, "barns of (former) Soviet Union," is well known. Progressive changes in energy supply towards increased use of renewable energy sources, which began in Ukraine with the introduction of "green" tariffs, encourage us to take a fresh look at the potential of agriculture. Thus, agriculture and forestry are now evaluated also given their biomass, and, accordingly, the energy potential.

In particular, the biomass as a renewable energy source provides excellent prospects for Ukraine and its prospects in the energy sector is very diverse. Biofuels could soon enter kvotovoy based model, and biogenic solid fuels used today in Ukraine. But this versatile and efficient source of energy of all bioenergy is biogas.

Biogas production creates additional employment and a source of income, especially in rural areas. Unlike wind and solar energy, one biogas plant can easily reach the target of 70-80% in the use of "local content", which is an important advantage for the country's economy.

Moreover, Ukraine is unlikely to occur debate similar to the one carried out in many European countries in the struggle for agricultural land for growing energy crops on them instead of food ("drive or eat"). Subject to intensive farming of land sufficient enough for growing food crops, and for the needs of the energy sector. However, the national biogas strategy initially to bet on the effective use of the potential of biogenic waste in biogas production.

Manual "The production and use of biogas in Ukraine" (in Ukrainian).