Georgiy Geletukha, Chairman of the Board of the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine (UABio), shared his vision of opportunities for bioenergy development in Ukraine on the opening ceremony of the Bziv biogas station in Kyiv region, Ukraine.

What should be added at the legislative level for the development of the biogas industry?

We, from the UABio, will propose and lobby a number of legislative initiatives that need to be resolved at the state level. First, it is a support for the production of biomethane. Secondly, creating an economic attractiveness of covering peak loads in the network at the expense of biogas capacity. Thirdly, state assistance in the transport of transport for the use of biogas.

What is bioenergy for Ukraine?

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Review of the Bioenergy Sector of Ukraine with Comments and Explanations from the Chairman of the Board of the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine – Georgii Geletukha – You can read in the interview for the "Energy reform" project by the link below.

In the interview You can find more information about:
- the largest biogas plants projects in Ukraine
- use of bio residues
- bioenergy projects financing
- bio Power stations maneuverability 
- green tariffs, auctions and more...

Quote from the article:
"Over the last 7-8 years, the bioenergy industry in Ukraine, according to the State Statistics Service, is growing annually by 35%. In 2017, bioenergy has replaced 3.8 billion cubic meters of natural gas (in 2017 bioenergy replaced 3.5 billion cubic meters). To replace such amount of natural gas it is needed 5 thousand MW of biomass heat capacity. Roughly half of these capacities are installed in the private sector, and the rest – in the industry".

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Georgii Geletukha: Ukraine should develop a biofuel boiler houses and biogas power stations (interview), Electronic edition "", January 22, 2019

інтерв'ю Георгія Гелетухи

Chairman of the Board of the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine Georgii Geletukha during the Information Day "Use of underutilized land for sustainable bioenergy feedstock production – additional income to farmers" gave an interview to the electronic media resource, in which he said:


  • about the potential of bioenergy in Ukraine;
  • what changes in the legislative field have occurred over the past years and whether they promote the development of renewable energy;
  • if a mechanism for market purchasing of biofuels will be created?
  • if an ordinary Ukrainian can develop bioenergy in Ukraine?
  • what is the situation with foreign investments in renewable energy;
  • who is using bioenergy more: industry or population;
  • about bioenergy development forecast in Ukraine.

The full interview with Georgiy Geletuki read on (in Ukrainian).

Head of the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine – Georgii Geletukha – announced main obstacles in the sector of bioenergy in Ukraine for the Ecology of the enterprise (in ukrainian) magazine. The first point of the list, namely the imperfect fare generation for biomass heat energy (working cost plus 6%) was resolved in March 2017, when the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted bill №4334, according to which the tariff for biomass heat energy (HE) is set for formula: the tariff for HE for gas minus 10%. However, five more problems remain unresolved. Bioenergy Association of Ukraine proposes specific solutions.

Read more in the UABio published work in the october issue of the Ecology of the enterprise magazine (in ukrainian).

trees along roads2 deadwood
Wood is traditionally widely used for energy needs in Ukraine. Previously people burned only firewood in stoves and household boilers. But recently a large number of foreign and domestic modern boilers for wood chips, pellets, briquettes have appeared on the market. Demand for wood biomass as a fuel increases and its technical potential is quite limited - about 2 million tons of coal equivalent (tce/year).

According to the State Statistics Service of Ukraine, the harvesting volume of liquid timber and hence the volume of wood residues from felling including fire wood in the country is rather stable than constantly increasing. All forestry have so-called "allowable cut", that is approved in the years ahead. For its increase the approval from the State Agency of Forest Resources and the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources is required. It is practically impossible to get the approval. So it is important to search for additional sources of wood fuel. According to Georgii Geletukha — the Head of the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine, it should be taken a closer look at the shelterbelt forests, forest plots (belts) along roads and railways and dead-wood.

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Why investing in biomass heating has now become attractive and where the first investors to wait from, what additional possibilities appeared in the bioenergy sector, and what awaits the industry in the future, told in his interview to the agrarian information agency a chairman of the board of the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine Georgiy Geletukha.

Read the full article at (in Ukrainian)

Waste from sugar industry (beet pulp) are gaining interest as a resource for biogas production. So in 2006, at a sugar factory of European company AGRANA in Kaposvar (Hungary) the first biogas plant using beet pulp as the main raw materialwas built. Since then, a number of projects have been already implemented (up to 5) in different countries (Moldova, Poland, Slovakia). This sugar production season the first such biogas plant was put into operation in Ukraine (Globinskiy sugar refinery, Poltava region, Globino village, "Astarta-Kiev"). A number of Ukrainian sugar factories owners announced plans to build such facilities.

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