Fig. 1. Increase in the production of energy from biofuels in Ukraine  during 2010-2016.On 20 December 2017, the State Statistics Service of Ukraine issued the Energy Balance of Ukraine for 2016 (the express-issue N 506/0/08.4вн-17 of 20.12.2017).

According to the Balance, the share of renewable energy sources (RES) in the total primary energy supply in 2016 was 4.0% (3.0% in 2015). This growth rate is in line with the annual pace of RES development in Europe.

Like the previous year, biofuels and waste accounted for the biggest share in the structure of renewable energy production in 2016 – 81%.

The given data show another significant step in the development of the bioenergy sector in Ukraine. For example, the volume of the "production of biofuels and waste" amounted to 3348 ktoe in 2016 (against 2606 ktoe in 2015), and the volume of the "total supply of primary energy from biofuels and waste" was 2832 ktoe in 2016 (against 2102 ktoe in 2015) (Fig. 1). The difference between the indicators corresponds to exports of biofuels, which came to 553 ktoe in 2016 (539 ktoe in 2015).

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bioenergy growth 2015 enOn December 20, State Statistics Service of Ukraine has published the energy balance of 2015. UABio experts have analyzed the energy balance and prepared the infographics about the biofuels contribution from 2010 to 2015 (recalculated on the substitution of natural gas in billion m3/year).

On an indicator "Production of Biofuels & waste" in 2015 natural gas substitution with biofuels was 3,26 billion m3/year, and the average growth rate in the period 2010-2015 amounted 38%/year.  

On an indicator Total Primary Energy Supply of Biofuels & waste natural gas substitution with biofuels in 2015 was 2,63 billion m3/year, and the average growth rate in the period 2010-2015 amounted 26%/year.  

The difference between production and supply of biofuels is export outside Ukraine in the form of pellets, wood chips, firewood and other biofuels. These exported resources can be easily attracted to the domestic market of Ukraine under favorable conditions created.

In particular in the energy balance states: "In 2015 the largest share in the structure of RES production belonged to biofuels - 81.3%."

In 2015 the contribution of biofuels to Total Final Consumption was 3.6% and 2.3% of the total primary energy supply.

Energy balance of Ukraine is available on the State Statistics Service website or here.

uabio infographics bioenergy role in eu en“The renewable share of energy use for electricity and heat has nearly doubled in just a decade (2004 - 2014).

Biomass accounts for nearly a fifth of renewable electricity production and nine-tenths of renewable heat.”.

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co2 tax uabio en

Two equally important point, that, accordingly to International Monetary Fund, will help climate change issues solving.

Infographics - for when a 30 Page UABio Analytics is just too much :-) 

Another infographics from Bioenergy Association of Ukraine. 

With the growth of industrial production in the world, emissions of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere have increased, which in turn led to global climate change. Whatwill be playing the vital role in reducing CO2 emissions? 

Source:World Energy Outlook Special Report 2015: Energy and Climate Change

Infographics — for when a 30-Page UABio Analytics is just too much :-)

Another infographics from UABio is the answer  to the "all forests will be cut down" statement.  Annual increment in forest for wood supply in Ukraine is twice more than annual felling for wood-processing industryb and fuel supply.

To prevent  the disagreement with infographics: questions to think about:

Do You think, that in Ukraine illegal felling could be 20 million m3 per year?

How wood from illegal deforestation is used? If it is exported abroad, then why bioenergy is blamed?

Do You think, that in Ukraine the rural population for woodfuel (illegal procurement) will cut down acres of forest completely and do not use dead wood, burnt wood, the sick and the fallen wood?

UABio considers these accusations unfounded!

Infographics — for when a 30-Page UABio Analytics is just too much :-)

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