UABio at a scientific conference TE-RE-RD 2019, Romania

Experts from the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine took part in the International Conference "TE-RE-RD 2019", which took place on 6-8 June 2019, in Targoviste, Romania, and presented the following researches: "Usage of biomass CHP for balancing of power grid in Ukraine" – Alex Epik, Consultant of the SEC "Biomass"; Vitalii Zubenko, Consultant of the SEC "Biomass" This paper win "Best paper award" of the TE-RE-RD 2019 conference. Presentation:

UABio at the final workshop of the uP_running project

The Bioenergy Association of Ukraine took part in the final workshop of the uP_running project, which took place on June 4, 2019 in Kyiv. The international project uP_running within the framework of the European Union scientific and innovation cooperation program HORIZON 2020 promotes the development and dissemination of bioenergy wood utilization technologies for cutting and eradicating grape, olive and fruit plants. Within the framework of the project "Take-off for sustainable supply of woody biomass from agrarian pruning and plantation removal (uP_running)", the Scientific Engineering Center "Biomass" and the Ukrainian Agribusiness Club conduct a final workshop. The purpose of the workshop was to provide information on...

Ukraine has increased the CO2 tax for biomass plants

  From January 1, 2019, the Law of Ukraine "On Amendments to the Tax Code and Some Other Legislative Acts Concerning the Improvement of Administration and Review of Some of the Tax and Charge Rates" №2628-VIII from November 23, 2018 came into force. According to the adopted Law, amendments were made to the Tax Code of Ukraine (TCU) in part of the carbon dioxide tax. In particular, the tax rate for carbon dioxide emissions from stationary sources has been raised from 0.41 UAH per ton to 10 UAH per ton, ie increased by 24.4 times. Business entities that burn biomass on stationary sources of...

New UABio Member - "Enerstena Ukraine" LLC

We are pleased to announce the return to the UABio community - Enerstena Ukraine LLC.  "ENERSTENA Ukraine" was founded in 2015 and is a subsidiary of the Lithuanian Group of Companies "ENERSTENA". “Enerstena” Group of Companies is well-known in Lithuanian energy sector, distinguishing itself for its biomass heating technologies. Company operates on the energy market since 2002. “Enerstena” achievements are the following: development of our own technology, establishment of the centre of science and research and building of the team of the strongest professionals. This allows the company to propose to customers the most efficient solutions for energy production: design and manufacture of...

New UABio Member – agro company "Gals Agro"

We are pleased to announce the new UABio member – the agro company "Gals Agro".  The structure of the company includes 2 sugar factories, 7 agro-industrial firms, 2 elevators with a total capacity of 50 thousand tons. Areas of activity: Sugar production from sugar beet; Crop production: corn, winter wheat, soybean, sunflower, barley; Meat and dairy production: poultry breeding – 150 thousand heads (turkeys); pig breeding – 14 thousand heads; cattle – 4 thousand heads. Regions of activity of the company: Kiev and Chernihiv regions. Biogas plants of the agro company "Gals Agro", as of May 2019: 1. Chernihiv region, Lynovytsia village, 2.4 MW – put into commercial operation in August 2018.2...

Articles of members

Prospects for the production and consumption of second generation biofuels in Ukraine

The article analyzes the current state of production of second generation biofuels in the world and evaluates the possibility of launching such production in Ukraine. The work is topical due to the fact that liquid biofuels can replace a certain share of motor fuels consumed in Ukraine, thus contributing to the strengthening of the country's energy independence. The purpose of the study is to assess feasibility of a project on the production of second generation bioethanol in Ukraine; the task is to carry out a preliminary feasibility study for such a project. The research methods include a review of the existing plants...

Life cycle assessment of heat production from chips of Miscanthus x giganteus in Ukraine

The purpose of the paper is to define the energy efficiency and environmental sustainability of bioenergy value chain for heat production from chips of Miscanthus x giganteus in Ukraine. The methodology of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) was used, according to which, the scope of the product system includes the feedstock cycle of Miscanthus x giganteus cultivation and harvest, and the subsystem of Miscanthus chips conversion to heat in a 500 kW biomass boiler. Cumulative energy demand and energy yield coefficient were chosen as energy efficiency indicators. The product system was compared with the similar one using natural gas. Non-renewable energy yield...

When the heat in the heat supply systems will be cheaper?

The article deals with: Use of low-temperature thermal energy sources in utilization installations; Current Ukrainian state standards for waste heat utilization; European experience in supporting waste heat utilization. Quote from the article:"The level of technological development allows implementing projects of waste heat utilization and transformation it into heat with other parameters, cold and electricity and heat accumulation." Read the full article here: When the heat in the heat supply systems will be cheaper? Yevhen Oliinyk – Board Member of the Board of Bioenergy Association of Ukraine. Electronic edition "Ukraine Communal", November 22, 2018 (in Ukrainian) The article is prepared on the basis of the USAID project "Municipal Energy...

How will end-users be affected by the simplification of third-party access to heat networks?

In past articles (You can read here, here and here), we talked about how simplifying the access of third parties (independent heat energy producers) to heat networks can improve the situation in centralized heat supply, and what should be done for this. Now is the time to tell more what changes should consumers be expected, if such a system will work. The article deals with the following issues: What affects the fare for the end-user connected to competitive DH systems? How the price of heat energy for Lithuanian heat supply companies in the cities of Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda is changing? What changes will affect...

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